Comments from clients:

"My sessions with Ioanna made me aware of one truth - that I can accomplish anything in life I wish for, and that I can become anything in life I aspire to be as long as I believe in the dream (and do my homework)."
Person in career transition
“Ioanna Chaney has the important qualities I have always looked for in a therapist – empathy, support, lightness and humor.  I had been to therapists in the past, and they all seemed to only listen and not give feedback or make interpretations.  The intention was that I would come to my own conclusions and understanding about things… but unfortunately I never did!  And in that style of therapy I received no suggestions on anything I could try in order to improve my situation which is what I desperately needed.   For years, I had given up on therapy and tried to 'get by' but finally I was forced to seek help again.  I am very thankful I found Ioanna.  In the six months I have been having sessions with her, my life has dramatically improved! I am now feeling empowered and good about my life again.  I am making good decisions and seeing results! I no longer let minor setbacks affect me as much as they once did.  And finally, I have made peace with the past, at least for the most part.  I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs a caring person offering creative suggestions and good, sound feedback tailored specifically to each individual.”
Young person who sought counseling for anxiety and depression
"At 57 I felt totally burnt out. I had left a secure but unsatisfying job, and my relationship with my significant other was shaky. Then I started consulting with Ioanna. She slowly helped me sort out priorities, gain a different perspective, release a lot of guilt, and start to refocus on the present. I eagerly looked forward to our sessions. Ioanna is such a positive force, which is what I needed to begin to move forward. She combines empathic listening with a rational, problem-solving approach. This success oriented coaching program has been a positive milestone in my life and helped me have a better outlook on my future. I would highly recommend working with Ioanna to anyone wanting to effect a positive change in their life."
An early retiree in need of new perspective
"I hired Ioanna to help me gain the assertiveness I needed to succeed in the male-dominated financial industry I work in. Within a few months from the start of our coaching sessions, I was already experiencing a positive shift in my relationships with my subordinates, teammates and supervisors, and I was able to have a big impact in getting new clients and closing large sales for our team. I now continue to use coaching to gain clarity in other significant areas of my life."
A young professional woman
"Ioanna helped me clarify for myself what was most important for me to act on right now, and what could wait until later. During our sessions, she kept me focused on my priorities while helping me recognize when some of my goals had changed. The entire process was very helpful to me in clarifying and achieving some long-elusive goals."
Independent consultant
"Personal coaching has definitely kept me on track. My natural tendency is to be easily influenced by the beliefs and opinions of others close to me. Coaching, however, kept me moving steadily toward my own goals, and strong in the face of opposition."
Young woman navigating the transition to adulthood
"I felt stuck and wanted to change careers, but I wasn't sure how to do it, what steps to take, until I met Ioanna. Each week, through our phone coaching sessions, she helped me define what I wanted to do, and put together a plan to get there. She helped me stay on track, and even make life changes along the way. With her coaching and encouragement I know I can go anywhere and do anything I want."
Middle-aged woman in need of new career
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